Simple + Curated Jean Shopping w/ EUJEANCO

Being a mom, it can be difficult to make time for myself. I usually spend nap and bed times blogging, Instagraming, doing house work, or relaxing with the hubby, which leaves little time for much else. If you guys follow me on Instagram, you may have seen my post about my best friend calling me out on wearing "mom jeans". First of all, if you too wear "mom jeans" I am in no way saying that is a bad thing, I still plan on proudly rocking mine! 

Annie Kai Lani Kai Lou Book Review

We love reading books in our house! My husband read 6 books the last time we were on vacation and he used to read to my belly before Mac was born! Some of my favorite memories thus far is of the two of them laying in our bed reading. Not only do we simply enjoy reading books for pleasure but we also believe that reading is very important for Mac's development

Mealtime Made Easy w/ Nuby

Mackenzie just had her 9 month checkup and her doctor gave us the green light to start feeding her table food three times a day! As exciting as this is, because I love watching her try new foods, it also made me a little nervous because I am not good at eating three meals a day myself!

SwissJust Essential 3 Review

Essential oils have been around for centuries, but have recently become very popular again. Unless you've been living under a rock, you've probably seen them advertised somewhere, whether it be on social media, your local drugstore or maybe you even sell them yourself or know someone that does!

Gummee Glove Review

Those of you that have been following us on Instagram know that Mackenzie is at the stage where everything goes in her mouth ie. dog bones, library dinos, etc. If you have a little one yourself then I am sure you are familiar with the daily struggle of constantly trying to keep the really icky items out and the teethers from falling to the ground.

9 Must Have Products for Sick Babies

When I started this blog I was committed to coming up with new content every Monday to share with you guys. Well, life happened and first I got sick, then Mac, and now Dustyn.  My creative juices were just not flowing and my focus was on getting well and taking care of my family.

My Breastfeeding Journey

When it comes to being a mom, the best advice I have to give is, expect the unexpected. I know very few moms, myself included, whose journey has gone exactly according to plan. With that being said, my breastfeeding journey was no different.

Mackenzie's Birth Story

Most of you reading this may already know a few things about me from Facebook or Instagram but social media only offers a snapshot of who we are as individuals. First and foremost, I’m a mother to the most amazing 7 month old, Mackenzie, whom I couldn’t imagine my life without.