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9 Must Have Products for Sick Babies

9 Must Have Products for Sick Babies

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When I started this blog I was committed to coming up with new content every Monday to share with you guys. Well, life happened and first I got sick, then Mac, and now Dustyn.  My creative juices were just not flowing and my focus was on getting well and taking care of my family. However, now that I am on the mend I wanted to take the time to compile a list of (in my opinion) “Must Have Products for Sick Babies”. Seeing my babe sick and so uncomfortable is so hard for me so anything that helped is worth sharing.


1. Little Remedies Sterile Saline Mist

Mackenzie was so congested and was having a really hard time breathing through her nose.  What the saline mist does is help break down and loosen the mucus. So I would spray a little in each nostril quite frequently followed immediately with the next product on the list. Both products work pretty well on their own but I found they work so much better together. You can buy it here .


2. The Nose Frida

So many people recommended this and to be honest I was a little apprehensive at first because the idea of sucking her boogies out with my mouth kind of grossed me out.  But it’s not like that at all! There’s a filter and the tubing is so long that there’s no way it would ever get in your mouth. Before I actually caved and bought this I was using one of those bulb syringes they give you in the hospital and having no luck. The Nose Frida is seriously a game changer. By using it directly after the mist, I’m able to clear so much mucus out of her sinuses.  As a parent, it’s so relieving to see all of the gunk you are getting out. Not to mention how much better she breathes and sleeps after. You can buy it here .


3. Infant Tylenol and 4. Infant Motrin

I put these two together because they both do essentially the same thing; they’re both pain and fever reducers.  However, I like to have both on hand because I prefer to use Tylenol during the day and Motrin at night due to it lasting 6-8 hours vs. Tylenol lasting only 4. I don’t give her these every time I think she’s uncomfortable or teething , but after a restless night of intermittent sleep and having her wake up with a fever, I turned to Tylenol. Within an hour, her fever went away and I didn’t need to give her anymore. I also only use Motrin at night after I have tried everything else to get her to sleep and it’s obvious her teeth or sinuses are bothering her. You can buy them here and here .


5. Zarabee’s Naturals Baby Cough Syrup + Mucus

So if you’ve ever looked for cough syrup for children under 1 year you probably know there’s not a whole lot to choose from and for a good reason. Most cough syrups contain a lot of ingredients I don’t want to put into her little body. However this stuff is not a cough suppressant, but it helps by making her cough more effective in clearing out the mucus. The only ingredients are Agave, English Ivy Leaf Extract and flavoring. You can buy it here .


6. Hyland’s Baby Tiny Cold Tablets

These are tiny little tablets marketed to be a natural homeopathic remedy.  They dissolve almost instantly on your babies tongue and help relieve the congestion, sneezing and runny nose. I’ve tried them myself just to see what they taste like and they really have no flavor and dissolve very quickly. I haven’t used them exclusively so I can’t speak to how effective they are, but they are a nice alternative if you have concerns with other medicines. The dosage to start is a little complicated but she loves them so it’s easy to get her to take them. You can buy it here .


7. Vick’s Baby Rub Soothing Ointment

Anyone who’s been sick knows how wonderfully Vicks works at relieving a stuffy nose and controlling cough. The baby rub does the same trick with a bit more of a gentle formula. I rub a little on her chest at bedtime and it seems to keep her cough under control and the Eucalyptus, Lavender and Rosemary oils help soothe her. You can buy it here .


8. PureGuardian 10-Hour Ultrasonic Humidifier

I’m a huge fan of humidifiers, especially in the winter. The only downside is that most of them are really hard to keep clean and I end up buying a new one pretty much every winter for that reason.  I bought this smaller humidifier for Mackenzie’s room and absolutely love it! It is the first humidifier I’ve bought, and I’ve bought a lot, that actually comes with a little brush to clean the hard to reach spots. Another bonus to this humidifier is that also can be used as a night light which is great for when I need to pop into her room and find her pacifier. We have been using this every day since Mackenzie was born (in May) and it is still going strong! You can buy it here .


9. Walgreens Eucalyptus Oil

Not a whole lot to say about this one. I chose Walgreens because it’s cheaper than the big name brands and I trust their products.  I like to add a few drops into Mackenzie’s humidifier to help relieve her congestion all night.

As if having a sick baby is not stressful enough, trying to figure out what products to buy can be overwhelming. At least that is how I felt, and that is why I wanted to share with you guys what worked for us. I hope this list takes some of stress of choosing away and that these products bring your babe the same relief they brought Mackenzie!

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