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Transitioning to Table Food with Nuby

Transitioning to Table Food with Nuby

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It’s crazy to think that Mac will be one year old in just four months! Man, where does the time go?! It feels just like yesterday we were introducing a bottle to her for the first time and now we’re starting to transition into sippy cups and table food! As much as I don’t like to admit that my baby girl is growing up, it is so much fun to watch her learn and try new things. Nuby was so generous in sending us these fabulous products to try during this exciting new transition.

Nuby 360 cup

First off, Mac still gets fed from a bottle 5 times a day and offered water in a sippy cup once a day with her meal. So we are very new to the world of sippy cups. So far, we’ve tried a few different types of sippy cups with silicone nipples and Mac has yet to really get the hang of it. That is why I was so excited for her to try the No-Spill Twin Handle 60 Wonder Cup. It doesn’t have a silicone nipple or spout like traditional sippy cups but rather a soft silicone rim insert that allows your child to drink like a big kid! Sounds messy right? Wrong! The pressure sensitive Touch-Flo feature regulates fluid intake with the drinking action of your child. This means that when they stop sipping, the silicone seals, ensuring a leak resistant cup! It also has easy grip handles, comes completely apart for easy cleaning, and is BPA Free. So let me just start off by saying there is definitely a learning curve when it comes to transitioning from a bottle to sippy cup and we are in the very early stages. That being said Mac did struggle a bit with this cup. However, she was able to grasp the twin handles and bring the cup to her mouth by herself, but she preferred to gnaw on the cup rather than suck. She was able to sip and successfully get water a few times, but this will definitely take some practice. I also tried the cup myself and it does not require much sipping for the water to come out so I feel confident in saying that with some practice she will get the hang of it!


Any parent who has gone through introducing a sippy cup to their child has most likely also been a participant in the game of “fetch”, which is what I like to call it when Mac throws her cup off the highchair, I pick it up and this gets repeated throughout the duration of our meal. This brings me to the next product, the Keepeez Adjustable Cup Strap. Holy game changer! When I first saw this I was like, “Why didn’t I think of this?” It’s SO simple but SO genius! It’s a durable harness that prevents cups from dropping to the floor. On one end it has an adjustable buckle-lock for secure fastening to strollers, car seats, high chairs, etc and you tightly fasten the other end around the cup with the adjustable, spring powered, push-button locking mechanism. It comes in fun, colorful patterns, is super easy to use and clean, and is also BPA Free.  I am SO excited to say that thanks to the Keepeez, it is GAME OVER for fetch in this household! You can buy it here.


Initially when I received the Sure Grip Miracle Mat Feeding Placemat I was thinking that it would fit on her high chair tray and was slightly disappointed when I found out it did not. So to review this product we had to remove her tray and sit her at the table for the first time, not a big deal! At first the mat was pretty slippery on the table so I wiped the back side of the mat and the table with a damp paper towel and voila it stuck! I really like that it’s a plate and placemat in one, hello less dishes. It is made out of silicone so it can easily be wiped down or washed in the dishwasher and is also BPA Free. Mac loved sitting at the table and feeding herself from the Miracle Mat like a big girl and I can’t wait to use it again!


Although meal time has definitely been the messiest transition for us thus far, it has also been one of the most fun! My advice for parents going through this transition as well is to have fun and let them get messy!

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